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Questions and Answers

What is Common Tongue?

It is a collaborative, user-friendly online application that helps you and everyone else manage all your professional and private projects. It adjusts to you and the way you work.

What is Common Tongue good for?

It makes communication faster and easier, creates a database of documents, sets up dates and times, replaces email in work-related communication. It sorts, archives, shares – everything from contacts to files. All in one place.

How does it work?

A1: Common Tongue connects all that you need to manage your project: Todos, Mindmapping, Calendar, Communication, and Timeline via Gantt chart.

A2: With Common Tongue you can share all your activities with people involved in the project. No more sending and receiving. Everybody is on the same page instantly.

A3: It helps sophisticated users and easy users as well. We all work our own genuine ways depending on specific situations. That is why you can choose between simple and advanced ways of usage as you need.

Whom is Common Tongue for?

Common Tongue is designed for anyone who does, creates, plans and projects anything. It is a tool that works for everyone.

Do I have to learn something special to operate it?

Anyone can work with Common Tongue. It is very intuitive and it uses familiar tools like todos and calendars that most of the planners use. You can also chat live and instantly exchange ideas or tasks. Our tutorial video will give you a short introduction and then it is all up to you. It works the way you do.

How do I get others to work with Common Tongue?

It is very simple. You just type your contact’s email address and we deliver your message the way he or she is used to. It is up to them to decide whether they want to proceed with Common Tongue or take care of business the old-fashioned way.

Can I connect Common Tongue with my email?

You can but you don’t have to. You can receive notifications from Common Tongue to your email. Replies to notifications from the outside world (so esp. non-registered users) are processed and inserted to proper place in your project in CT.

Any other apps I can connect Common Tongue to?

You can link your Common Tongue with Google Calendar and keep them synchronized.

Does it have a Calendar?

Absolutely. Common Tongue uses its own calendar device, which you can easily line up with Google Calendar.

What about Mindmaps?

You can not only use Mindmaps, but you can also switch your Mindmaps to Todos, Gantt chart (see next question) or Calendar. It all works as one piece, perfectly connected in a single data model, no copy-paste waste.

Does Common Tongue show Gantt chart?

It soon will. Common Tongue will have its own Gantt chart vie that helps you put things in time perspective.

Is there a mobile application yet?

You can either view your Common Tongue on your mobile in the internet browser or download the Common Tongue application for iOS or Android.

How much does it all cost?

Common Tongue is a freemium. All standard functions and tools are for free. Premium and additional services or functions will be paid. Currently we are defining, what additional features would become premium. Help us with your voice.

What is the conceptual difference between free and premium?

Premium features will mainly help professionals save money and time in their work

Sounds complicated. Is it complicated? Do I really need it?

You can use Common Tongue as you wish. From the simple „easyview“ all the way to the advanced level of a power user. Use more tools and functions every time or switch back and forth as you need. Common Tongue is really as simple or as geared up as you want it to be.

Isn't it too simple, then? How much can Common Tongue actually do?

Common Tongue is easy to use, but quite complex when you need it. If you wish to use all the pro tools of modern project management, go ahead. It can really do it all, including the time and money management and stats to each project or task.

How do I keep up the time management?

There is a timesheet module that takes care of time management, hours planned and put into a project. So it is really easy to keep up with the good work you do.

What about budgeting?

Not only can you plan your budget, but you can also compare it with reality as you go on. You know about every invoice, every bill.

Is it worth the hustle?

There is no hustle. If you wish to communicate with your team, you make everybody visible and start a dialogue. If you want to work alone, all you need to do is switching to private concerns and focusing on what you need to do yourself.

Am I allowed to delete my account?

Of course you can, anytime you decide. Just let us know and we will delete all your data. You can also erquest their download for any purposes.

Who owns the data?

You i.e. the user. We will take care of the data and files you input, but we claim no rights to them and will always treat them as your property.

Is Common Tongue really safe?

We put our best effort into data protection and at the same time we backup daily.