Speak + Do + Think + Plan in one place

  • Dear email, clock is ticking!

    The time has come to say good bye to mailing, forwarding, and searching for messages in your overloaded inbox. Do not send reminders and data via email to yourself, stop the copy-paste waste.

    Start sharing, tagging, planning, and managing. Set yourself free and use your passion for your actual work.

  • Common Tongue connects!

    People of different needs and skills work together. They need to put down the notes, track deadlines, all relevant changes. Each of us works his/her way, but only together we can achieve big things.

    Common Tongue is a language we can use to make it happen.

  • Let it grow!

    From a small idea to a big project. Be fast in the beginning, yet robust and prepared for a big team later. No copying in the meanwhile, just organic growth as trees do it.

    Each entity can become a message thread, appointment, and cost item anytime you decide. Not before. No need to create sophisticated projects for random ideas, no need to squeeze a space shuttle into a todo.