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Support in two directions

We want to work together. With you.
We are here to listen to your voice, you can support us so we do it well.
It’s us together who can make CT brilliant.

How can you support
Common Tongue

Do you enjoy using Common Tongue, does it help you, or make you more effective in things you do? Please, support us. Believe, we spend a lot of time and money to keep the project going, we want to work on that in the future, and therefore we need the support from our users. To see things we do make sense, and to have money to keep lives of ours and our families in reasonable comfort. In the world we live in, and try to make better.

So if you agree Common Tongue could be such a thing, please, let us know via a donation you name yourself.

How will we support you

Please, let us also know what do you think about CT, what would you change, what do you miss, and especially what do you love about CT, and why does it make your work simpler. These things are important for us, and we want to imprint your experience in CT.

Get in touch with us via:

CT support user from your CT addressbook



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If you have any kind of inquiry, doubt, or question related to CT or its implementation suitable for your processes, just let us know as well.

Thanks for any kind of support and keep on making the world better,

Common Tongue team