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About Us


Common Tongue is an easy to use collaborative online application that allows users to manage their professional as well as personal activities and projects.
It is fully adjustable and user-friendly.


We consider ourselves to be active people. We come from different backgrounds, but we share ideas and then try to make them happen. We’re always working on something new.

This often involves doing more than one thing at a time with different people. And different people have different ways of working and thinking. And we need to make them all work together.

That’s why we are developing Common Tongue – an application and online tool that has been helping us come together to make progress and finish the job. And as we keep on using and tuning Common Tongue, the app itself turns out to be a major factor to our success.

And because we like when good things are shared, we are now offering this supertool to everyone in its current extent for free. From us active people to all of you active people out there. Easy.

How do we know it works? Well… we made it… we used it, and then our friends started using it. Simply it has been tested on people – many different people.

With Common Tongue, great things happen.

Use, share and enjoy.


Common Tongue is a community tool optimized
for smaller and medium sized groups of people.

The features of Common Tongue available at the launch date,
December 21, 2012, are and will always be free of charge.

The further development of Common Tongue will include some paid modules.
Our general aim is to provide funding for the development by these paid modules, and so avoid advertisers‘ abuse of users and supporters.

We do our best to protect privacy and data.
We do not claim any ownership over your data, it is and will be always yours.

Periodical backup of the database is guaranteed at least once a day.

Users can download on demand all their data in case they want to migrate
to another system or to cancel an account.


Common Tongue helps us and our friends. We are sure that if it saves our time and energy, it can do so for many others out t.