Working abroad – what about the family?

Working abroad – what about the family?

You get an unique chance to work abroad, make new experience and advance in your career. But there's your partner and family who have their own concepts of their immediate future. Is there a way to handle such situation and make everybody happy?

A great opportunity may come unexpected and jumble up your private life, especially complicate the plans and visions of your dears. Imagine you get offered a promotion that means you move abroad to represent your company in a far away country you barely heard of. We're not talking about a short business trip of course, but about a stay of many months, if not years.

Apart from not going anywhere there's essentially two ways how to handle this: you may go alone which means you see your family maybe once in a month, otherwise meeting them only via skype. Modern forms of communication make it easier to stay connected, and social networks keep you updated on what's going on in you community. At least when you able to get over the fact that you couldn't have attended that BBQ party at your neighbors'.

Not every employer offers their staff a greater support in above mentioned situations. Anyway you should at least try to negotiate intercultural training or language courses, your company could also take over the administering of visa. If the company already has an established branch in the country you're heading for, assistance in getting along in life's practical aspects is the least you should go for. If you leave your beloved behind, ask for a budget for regular visits at home. Traveling around the globe may be pretty expensive, especially if you were redeployed in a less frequented destination where there isn't much competition between the airlines.

Taking everybody with you means your partner gives up his or her current job, having to start a new career. And your kids would have to change school and leave all their friends. Thus if you really consider to move with the whole family, demand a compensation for the temporary loss of your partner's income or for your kids' school fee. The employer could even help your partner to find a position at one of the company's business partners. If your employer really values your work, such help shouldn't be much of a problem.

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