Work life in 2030: Your typical day at work

Work life in 2030: Your typical day at work

How are we going to work in ten or twenty years? Flexibility and individuality are the key concepts of the future. Also the borders between humans and computers will gradually dissolve.

For decades companies focused on standardization of both production and collaboration processes. Everybody occupied identical cubicles in an open space office and was subjected to mandatory office hours. With advanced technologies we are already able to participate on a project from locations all over the world, or to work from home as effectively as if we were sitting at our desk in the office.

This is one of the reasons why in near future companies will reduce long-time employed personnel in favor of experts hired ad hoc. Freelancing is today mainly a cliché of the creative industry, but soon it will become a very common employment mode throughout the branches. We will work rather on individual projects than for a certain employer.

Switching between projects and temporary employers means that constant learning and self-development will be crucial. Especially in the IT industry you already have to keep yourself up-to-date all the time, but in the future you'll have to acquire new knowledge and competences with every single project you participate on. As also teamwork grows in importance, so will social skills and communication competences.

Of course many „off-line“ jobs will be needed in 2030 too. Yet technology has a major impact on all aspects of our life and will even more so. In 2020 6,5 billion people will be connected to the internet along with 18 billion devices and machines. The so-called internet of things, augmented reality and autonomous interaction of machines with their environment will make cyberspace and the physical world harder to tell apart.

When you pass the entrance of the the building you work at, the light at your desk will be lit and the coffee machine switched on. The elevator will start a small talk about what's on the agenda and synchronize your calendar according to which tasks you choose to accept.

In a dystopic scenario we'll become slaves to the machines, driven from task to task by merciless applications. It's after midnight already and the damn phone won't switch off the bedroom light until you responded to an email from your boss. But the positive vision of future work life is about  effectiveness, flexibility and a work-life-balance never felt before.

And how will the world of work change from employers' perspective? Read more in this article.

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