Wanna stay effective? Switch to idle occasionally

Wanna stay effective? Switch to idle occasionally

Doing nothing is more valuable than you think. Archimedes discovered the principle of buoyance while he was taking a bath. And the idea of gravitation came to Isaac Newton while relaxing in an orchard. (However he wasn't hit by an apple, that's only a legend.) 

Today both men would probably sit there with their laptops, checking a flood of incoming e-mails. They certainly wouldn't have the time to develop any theory at all. Did you know that every day 171 billion emails are sent, of which 71 percent are spam or irrelevant?

Scientists from King's College of London examined the effectiveness of multitasking on more than a thousand volunteers. They were asked to solve a problem, while half of the subjects had to handle a steady flow of e-mails at the same time. The other half wasn't bothered with irrelevant communication, but received – marijuana. The potheads achieved significantly better results than the e-mail recipients, who lost about ten percent of their cognitive abilities by constantly checking their mailboxes.

Leisure was once considered as the noblest attitude, a value beyond the economy of what's nowadays called time management. In such times you explored yourself, viewed things from different perspectives and occasionally developed new ideas and concepts. What might sound like a wasteful luxury today is considered by brain researchers as an important need of the human brain that is essential for our mental stability.

We all need a time out from permanent stress, otherwise not only our imagination and creativity suffer, but also our social relationships and ultimately our health. On the other hand you can't just leave your work and go for a walk. The key is to work more effectively and reduce unnecessary communication.

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