Using several organization tools but still not happy? This is why

Using several organization tools but still not happy? This is why

Getting the right app to organize yourself is harder than it seems. You collect some advice, maybe even read a few reviews, and start using the tool of your choice. But after you fed it with your data you gradually loose the enthusiasm and eventually uninstall the software. Or you still have to use another app at the same time, making you even less effective than before.

Obviously you went for the wrong app. But which is the right for you then? There's a whole universe of tools ranging from calendars to very sophisticated software. Don't chose your app by the range of functions it promises or by its brand's prominence. Also don't listen to other people's advice when looking for a way to manage your work and private life. Everybody has his or her unique approaches to self-organization that hardly can be applied by others.

First think about how are you going to use the tool you are looking for – only at work or in your private life too? In the latter case it makes no sense to use a different app for getting things done at work, another for orchestrating your family life and a third to plan your squash or yoga sessions. You want to master everything from one place. Also consider which individual functions and options you will really use, especially in regards to the complexity of the application.

Of course you're  never wrong if you go for the square of the circle – a tool that combines wide functionality and customizability with a simple interface that enables an intuitive use. An important factor is what you want to share with your colleagues and family members and how you are going to communicate with them. If you often send documents, you may need a tool that allows you to share these within the tasks you define.

It's super useful to communicate with team or family members within the same platform that both includes a calendar and organizes your tasks. This renders using a collection of specialized apps unnecessary and brings your self-organization on a whole new level in terms of effectiveness. A perfect organization tool also includes different interfaces or ways how to display your tasks, for instance as a calendar, a chart or a list.

Now you think such app is too awesome to be true. But maybe it's just a few clicks away ...

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