The story behind Common Tongue

The story behind Common Tongue

Jiří Schneider and Jan Walter are the creators of your favorite organization platform. This is how it all began.

“I started to work in a production company, heading a team of about 25 employees and freelancers,” Jiří recalls. “The company was in debt, basically my job was that of a crisis manager.” Jiří soon found out the company lacks an effective business relationship management – all information was scattered in different e-mails, important documents hidden somewhere on the company's server. Also Jiří could barely keep the track on which service or external supplier is to be paid and which invoice can be extended to relieve the company's troubled balance.

For a lot of money he purchased an elaborate software. “That's what I need. Once it's fully implemented, things will work all alone,” Jiří remembers himself thinking. “Everybody kinda expected the tool will automatically make their work easier. But soon we found out you need to invest a lot into learning to use the interface.” After few months everybody got sufficiently familiar with the system that indeed brought order into the company's operation.

Yet holding all the functions and input sequences of the highly complicated program in one's head is easier said than done. “People would always come over to me asking about stuff they already should have known,” Jiřin says. “But how can you remember some function you use once in two months? In the end, a small company doesn't need a solution that's as big as it could organize the operation of a nuclear power plant.”

Jiří thought about using a more user friendly tool. “But some simple app doesn't provide a variety of functions you need to run a business,” he explains. “Mostly it's some sort of a more elaborate to-do list that lacks project management instruments. When you run a bigger project it's just not enough.” What if you could get the best of both worlds – a tool that enables orchestrating complex processes, but is as easy to use as the simplest app?

That's when Jiří came together with Jan. They set up a pretty bold vision: an elaborate, yet user friendly program that combines calendar, communication and project management. One tool that fits all needs and approaches by allowing the user to switch between different forms of visualization. A highly flexible system that lets a hastily noted idea expand into a huge project.

Finally Jiří and Jan decided to create the software of their dreams, investing years of work and spending a considerable sum of money. “I don't see Common Tongue as a tool, but rather as a language, a graphical form of communication,” raves Jiří who is responsible for the app's design. “Everybody can work their way, but all come together within the platform.”

Thanks to its simplicity Common Tongue can be easily used in personal life too. Even if one's counterparts don't use the tool, by replying to an e-mail send from the platform their response is included in the respective task within Common Tongue. “Our platform is also perfectly safe,” says Jan, analyst and quality watchdog. “We put our best effort into data protection and backup daily. The data is completely owned by the user and treated as his or her property.”

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