Running low on time? Learn what to do about it

Running low on time? Learn what to do about it

Many people feel under immense pressure, time as a resource seems to be running out. Obviously technology is the main reason of this development as much as it is the cure to it.  

We produce more and more goods and services in less time. This changes what they call the social horizon of expectations: We expect a higher reaction rate from each other. Today's society is increasingly flexible and the pace of life accelerates enormously. Everybody is talking about multitasking, we eat fast food instead of cooking, nowadays even a nap has to be a „power nap”.

In other words technology allows us be much more effective in any respect. Actually we should have more time for our families or hobbies than we ever had. If you for example needed an hour to write five letters, you now send ten or twenty e-mails in the same period of time. But in practice we need to handle much more communication than decades ago. And because everybody does so, the amount of e-mails grows so big we easily get overwhelmed. 

But if the whole society accelerates, no one can simply individually run slower. Nor is the solution locking oneself away from the world in a cabin in the woods or entering a Buddhist monastery. It's perfectly enough to preserve some time within a day or week for what is important to us beyond work. And to run our work life as effectively as possible. 

Only on Amazon you may find hundreds of books about time management and the counseling business keeps constantly growing. Yet actually there is no need for all this if you have simple but sophisticated tools that allow you to merge your e-mail communication with scheduling and project management.

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