Parenting made easy with Common Tongue

Parenting made easy with Common Tongue

Our platform makes organization and communication easy for even the most chaotic person imaginable – a teenager.

Peter is father of three with his oldest son Adrian just entering adolescence. After his kids come back from school they usually don't sit around in front of the TV, but frequent classes where they play instruments or do sports. „My oldest is thirteen and well able to get to the soccer ground or to the gym by himself,“ says Peter. „But I still have to organize these things for him, like constantly remind him of trainings.“

Well, adolescence isn't exactly the phase of your life where you're the most effective at time management. „Adrian does own some notebook, but as far as I know it's empty. He just lets things happen,“ Peter shakes his head. And that's why he introduced his son to Common Tongue. „For instance when I want Adrian to pay for his music lessons by himself and to save the dates of their band's concerts, I just assign the respective task to him. I don't even have to explain much because he sees the whole history of the project, like when and how much he has to pay for the class.“  

Peter works in the automotive industry, yet he used to pursue a career far from engineering. „For maybe twelve years I earned my living as a dancer,“ he laughs. „It was only after our first child was born when I decided for a maybe less glamorous occupation.“ Now he's about to leave the company for working as freelancer. Common Tongue will play a crucial role in his future: „It doesn't only ease the management of different projects, but also keeps my communication connected to the respective task. Even if my counterparts don't use Common Tongue.“

Peter admits he never was a pro when it comes to organizing oneself effectively. „I tried out some other systems, but they seemed too complicated to me. You had to force yourself into a certain pattern and learn how to use the program,“ he explains. „Common Tongue is different. It's an elaborate system, yet so intuitive – exactly what I was looking for!“ And this seems to apply for his son too. „Time management seemed very strange to him at first, but the simplicity of the tool helped him to overcome this.“

Soon Peter's wife logged on Common Tongue too. „We don't only share each others calendars, but also communicate within the platform to manage the individual tasks.“ Common Tongue also helped the family to orchestrate the recent construction of their new family home. „It also works as a sort of an archive. All communication and documents you shared can be traced back, and you can note your ideas this way very easily,“ Peter adds. “What starts with a simple note can be developed into a huge project.“

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