Paper or app? These are the ways how people get organized

Paper or app? These are the ways how people get organized

Some people use elaborate organization tools, others rather stay analogue and scribble on a random piece of paper. Interestingly the time management means we use often don't really comply with our nature. To be able to chose the right method you have to carefully analyze your needs and habits.

Based on our experience we made out the following approaches on time management and self-organization.

Active non-systematic conservatives
These people will tell you they don't have a time management system at all, but it's not true actually. Living an active life they need to organize themselves somehow. Yet their personal system grew organically and is rather simple, thus they don't really call it a system. However it's usually not based on technology and often not very effective. Anyway they're happy with the way they organize themselves and are not keen on changing anything. They think it's easier to stick with their old ways than to try out anything different.

Passive non-systematic conservatives
Some people succeed in not burdening themselves with too much to work and activity. It's not wrong or anything, but maybe a bit of a pity – beyond work there's so much to do and experience during one's lifetime. A person who's “procrastinating” of course don't need no elaborate time management system at all.

Organized systematic individuals
Such person has an elaborated system to organize himself or herself. These people spend a lot of time to find the right method, they study themselves and are very aware of their needs. Terms such as GTD, mindmapping or Gantt are well familiar with them. And they tend to evangelize people around them with what they regard as the perfect method. They're always happy to be able to push themselves even further in terms of effectiveness. So if convinced with valuable arguments they are able to adopt a whole new approach to organize themselves.

Systematic hippies
Many people have a rather intuitive approach to time management. They constantly switch between different systems and methods without committing themselves to a certain one. They're often explorers and visionaries who sometimes reach an impasse, but are also able to inspire people around them.

Maybe you recognize yourself in one of the characteristics. Feel free to share your experience in comments below.

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