Now we're looking even better and are more functional

Now we're looking even better and are more functional

Your favorite organization tool gets a brand new and more user-friendly design. It also comes with new features of which some are to be introduced gradually in course of the next few months. The appearance has become more „sexy“, yet the functionality of Common Tongue remains the same as you are used to. So what's so new then? 

Most obviously the user interface was completely upgraded. The arrangement of all functional elements was even more simplified, for instance the left menu with filters is now hidden. As it's being used less frequently, it is now available after clicking the icon in the upper left corner. All in all the new design makes using Common Tongue even more simple without restricting its broad functionality.

After reading this article you'll sure want to share the benefits of the new design with your co-workers. When opening the Messages window you'll notice the list of the task participants appearing along with their availability. You can easily see who's active at the moment – pretty useful, is it?

The second generation mind map module works faster and allows zooming, thus giving you a detailed view over single tasks as well as the big picture. Also uploading files is now faster and simpler – you can upload several files at once and start uploading by drag'n'drop. The functionality of various forms was improved, for instance changing deadlines is now easier – you'll sure appreciate that. And several bugs were fixed too. 

Try out the redesigned Common Tongue right now and give us your feedback by email or as comment below this article. We encourage our users to participate in the development of Common Tongue. It's you guys who help us most in constantly improving the platform.

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