Lost in communication? Structure it

Lost in communication? Structure it

Often a working day is not enough for getting done everything you need to. Don't question yourself or your abilities – better re-think the way you communicate and cooperate with others. 

There's a meeting in five minutes and your presentation is still not ready. But you need to send an urgent e-mail and the telephone starts ringing. Of course you forget to mention an important point in that mail, the stressing phone call was meaningless anyway and the presentation is a disaster. How can you possibly concentrate on a task, when you should handle five at a time with four different tools? 

Simplifying your work is one thing, but it goes hand in hand with choosing the right priorities. The main source of ineffectiveness usually lies in communication. The variety of channels you are connected to makes it hard to distinguish between what is really important and what's less, only consuming your time.

When somebody sends you three mails in a row, then a text message and finally calls you on the phone, he or she can be sure to get your attention even though the agenda is rather irrelevant. And more urgent tasks are delayed. At the same time important communication gets lost, be it because the e-mail's subject is too blurry or due to the sheer volume of mails you receive.

Supervision and communication between team members and leaders is another moment when time is lost and effectiveness plummets. If only there was a tool that integrates schedules with e-mail based communication. A possibility to assign all messages and documents to certain tasks in a simple way, yet with all possibilities that highly sophisticated systems offer.

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