Like to draw around when concentrating? Learn what this tells about your personality

Like to draw around when concentrating? Learn what this tells about your personality

When handling a phone call or attending a meeting people often catch themselves drawing around on whatever available. Why do we do that and which type of note book artist are you?

When we concentrate really hard or try to keep attention for instance in a dull lecture we create simple or even elaborate drawings of flowers, people and things, or more abstract pictures. These are basically the essence of true art – you don't think much when scribbling around but let your creativity run free. Scientists agree: these artworks directly reflect your subconsciousness.

Drawing random figures is often a way to handle situation too, especially a form of relieving stress, tension or even aggression. Think of a meeting that's too long or awkward. Unintentionally you will start to draw around in the corners of the next piece of paper at your hand. Check out the meaning of different types of drawings according to psychologists.

Drawing squares and rectangles stands for logic and structure. If you draw these, it means you were in a situation that required rational and analytical thinking. You probably felt stuck in a problem if the squares overlap. People who most often draw geometric shapes should generally pay more attention to their feelings and instinct than they tend to do.

Round shapes
Circles and spirals mean that you concentrate a lot on yourself. After all drawing circled structures is a form of meditation, just think of Buddhist monks and their mandalas. Circles represent an urge to get to the bottom of things, concentration and focus, especially if they are concentric.

Floral shapes symbolize feelings and stand for growth and self-development. People who often draw flowers tend to seek consent and harmony. Yet the exact meaning depends on how exactly the flower is drawn: if in bloom, it's a positive symbol. A flower that's somehow alienated or overdrawn rather mean you're coping with a conflict situation.

Tree-like shapes and branching out structures also stand for a growth process. These artworks usually have a starting point from which the shape unfolds. This may mean you are looking for an anchor point and firm ground from which to start from.

More elaborate note book art also contains people and things, sometimes drawn with considerable skill. It's hard to interpret these generically, because it of course means something very different if you draw a caricature of your boss or for instance an animal. Yet such drawings uncover your personal graphic aesthetics and often express your wishes.

Not drawing at all?
In general drawing around randomly is an act of creativity. People who don't draw have their own ways, for instance silently hum melodies or play with their hair when concentrating.

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