How to be a good boss in 10 easy steps

How to be a good boss in 10 easy steps

Being a good boss is harder than it seems to be. Besides managing qualities it's mostly about people skills, yet a lot of it can be learned.

The following characteristic is not a summary of what employees wish, neither it's what companies might expect from their team leaders. Rather we put together traits and skills that allow to get the most out of a team both on short and long term.

Being trustworthy and credible is essential for a boss. If you want your staff to work hard and get along well, it's you who must set the standards.

Your people need better equipment or conditions, more raises? It's your job to stand up for them. You are the one to solve their problems. Supporting your team isn't only part of your job description, but it makes it also more effective and improves its performance.

Communication and caring
Your staff needs to feel your genuine appreciation for their job and concern for their needs. In many polls recognition is cited as even more important than money by employees. Make enough time to listen to your team. Meet the staff regularly, not just at meetings.

Effective HR
Recruiting the best people is very difficult and it takes long practice. You're never wrong if you get advice and opinions from your team members. Always consider the characteristic of your team to get a personality that adds something without blowing the team apart. If a person disrupts the work flow or the atmosphere within the team, look if improvement is possible. Sometimes you need to replace a person with somebody more competent. In such case don't hesitate to take measure no matter how hard it is.

You're the one who should see the big pictures and the long-term goals. Apart from orchestrating the daily work you have to have a masterplan. Share it or even develop it with others so all yoour team knows the general direction.

A good leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of its team and helps every member to blend into the group, giving them feedback and encouragement. After having hired the right people it's important to foster their career development.

Support talents
Identify talents and innovators on your team. It's them who can take your division or company to the next level. Make sure these individuals get all they need to deliver the best performance and to grow further.

Always try to stay abreast of the trends in your industry. Network with thought leaders, attend conferences, and read the important media in your industry. Expertise will add to your respect within the team and give you a foresight onto what's about to come in your industry.

Never be afraid to innovate and experiment. It's still better to have failed once than to have missed the one big opportunity. Collect new ideas that could improve the performance of your team, and allow them to try out new approaches.

Make your people want to do more. And it's not only (but, of course, also) about a higher salary or career goals. True motivation comes from within, so try to keep your team fully committed to your business.

Obviously being a boss is not the easiest job. There are not only those who fail at it, but also bad employees. People who are not willing to unleash their potential or even have some unfinished issues with their parents and authority figures that they project onto their bosses. Being a team leader means a constant trying to find a balance between business and humanity. And these challenges sometimes can be really intense. But well, that's a bosses job.

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