Exhaustion and burn-out are taking over. Learn how you evade them

Exhaustion and burn-out are taking over. Learn how you evade them

In a world that turns faster and faster it's easy to end up crashed and burned out. Yet if you detect the symptoms early enough you are able to counteract.

To keep your mental health you have to listen to yourself in the first place – when you start to feel like you're drowning at work, take this warning seriously. In case you feel overburdened over the long turn you definitely should consider if the current work conditions really fit your nature. Maybe you even find out that a more fundamental change is inevitable and you decide to leave for the job you dreamed about as a kid. But given the problem is rather temporary than general – what can you do to save yourself from spending a fortune on a shrink?

To be able to cope with increased work load you need to sufficiently rest and recover. Get enough sleep, and if your stressful thoughts keep you awake all night, try to establish rituals such as constant times you go to bed. Also ban all distractions from your bed room – be it a TV set or the tablet. A healthy diet is as important: eat more veggies and less meat, drink coffee in moderation and better quit smoking. And of course, booze is definitely no solution to anything.

Obviously you should also look for ways how to handle your work more effectively. Sure you can plan your tasks more carefully, for instance by taking few minutes every morning to schedule the day's work load. Better yet, do so the evening before. Don't forget to include regular breaks in your daily routine that correspond with your biorhythm. If you're most effective in the morning, handle important tasks then.

A frequent source of stress is your colleagues asking things, wanting to chat a little or doing whatever else. Don't hesitate to tell them you need to concentrate and even retreat to a meeting room or home office, if necessary. Neither let yourself distract by incoming e-mails and phone calls. Consider switching off your mailboxes alert and even the phone for a while when you need to focus on an important task. A quick pause to think is never a bad idea, especially before a meeting or presentation.

In the end it's all about prioritizing and effectively managing your resources. Instead of processing things as they come try to handle tasks at the right moment. And always keep space for what's not connected to the work and allow yourself to switch off. Permanent stress makes your imagination and creativity suffer, as well as social relationships and your health. And it may ultimately result in a break down that will take a long time to recover from.

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