Effective time management? Get the party started!

Effective time management? Get the party started!

Veronika is a DJ and music journalist, she designs handbags and raises a six-year-old daughter. To organize herself, to communicate and to note ideas she doesn't use but one tool.

The artist going under the stage name Nika77 first hit the turn tables almost twenty years ago. Since then she rocked parties in all over Europe and also made her mark as music journalist. Yet some eight years ago Veronika also set up a fashion label called Nika77 handbags. She works with recycled materials and incorporates everyday items into her designs. Each of her colorful creations is an original and can be purchased both online and in several design stores.

Veronika used to go along only with a notebook to organize herself by simply putting down her gigs, deadlines and appointments onto the respective pages of the booklet. But as the range of her activities grew she started to lose the overview. „The need for a more elaborate system became urgent when our daughter was born,“ Veronika says.

Today the first grader goes to neither a public nor any other school, but is being educated at home in a group of children of various ages. „We are a sort of a community of parents who share the tuition of their kids. Each course or individual task is managed by somebody else,“ Veronika explains. „Being able to coordinate yourself is crucial.“

This is the obvious advantage of Common Tongue – the many ways one can share tasks and communicate with other people participating on a project. „I used to be very bad at orchestrating a team, for instance when I was organizing a fashion show,“ Veronika admits. „With this tool it's as easy for me as it never was. As it is for anybody else involved.“

Common Tongue also helps her to organize her private life. Veronika finally gives away some internal details: „My husband is very busy too and when we meet at the dinner table, we don't waste our time on discussing organizational things anymore. All has been said and done in course of the day through Common Tongue.“

Veronika uses Common Tongue also to collect ideas: „When inspiration strikes it's so much better to note your thoughts by using the tool, rather than to scribble it on a random piece of paper.“ Such entry never gets lost and can be quickly expanded into a whole project if needed. „I can place the idea on hold and come back to it later. Or I start to plan the whole thing straight away,“ Veronika adds.

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