Daenerys Targaryen: Will and skill sometimes aren't enough

Daenerys Targaryen: Will and skill sometimes aren't enough

Daenerys called Stormborn rose to a great leader and legendary conqueror. Yet she also suffered drawbacks that could have been prevented by using an elaborated management and communication tool.

The daughter of the assassinated ruler of the Seven Kingdoms grew up in exile together with her brother. He never gave up the dream of taking back the Iron Throne and sold Daenerys to the chief of a warrior tribe in exchange for military support. Yet she quickly emancipated herself and became the undisputed leader of the Dothraki after the death of her husband.

Queen Daenerys purchased an army of slave soldiers called the Unsullied, whom she gave freedom and offered to join her in fighting their former masters. Daenerys then set out to conquer the wealthy city-states of the Slave Bay. While Alaspor was taken with little resistance, both the sieges of Yunkani and Meereen were decided by infiltrating the city and unleashing a slave revolt.

Daenerys commands a very diverse army that consists of Dothraki tribesmen, elite soldiers and two thousand mercenaries with unclear allegiance. Thus the cultural background, equipment and combat mode of her units are very different. They key to a victorious campaign is to integrate these unequal components, starting with establishing common structures and communication channels.

Therefore and to improve training, logistics and provisioning the queen should adopt Common Tongue. It's not only a project management and organization tool, but also an effective communication interface. As it runs on mobile devices too, it may be used while on marches and to some extend maybe even in battle situations. And although very sophisticated, Common Tongue is surprisingly easy to use, even for the wildest Dothraki warrior.

Bringing the three cities under her control is just the beginning of Daenerys' campaign. After the death of her brother Daenerys became the last survivor of the once powerful house Targaryen. She gradually builds up a strong army and a navy capable of crossing the sea to Westeros. Daenerys won't rest until she reclaimed the Iron Throne that her ancestors held for three centuries.

The preparations for a goal of such complexity span for many years. An enormous number of people are involved, from army commanders to shipyard workers. Thousands of horses have to be bred, timber cut, ore mines exploited and new forges build overnight. Hundreds of armorers, saddlers and other specialists will have to be found quickly. Common Tongue facilitates the execution of such a plan tremendously.

As she settles in Meereen and only learns how to rule the three cities, Daenerys' main goal is threatened by unrest and corruption in both other city-states. If Common Tongue was broadly used by Daenerys' officials, her administrative would be effective and solid enough to withstand any crisis. Also she would have had direct supervision over her subjects and broad possibilities to orchestrate their work.

Common Tongue however helps to administer all aspects of one's life. After all Daenerys is not an average hockey mom, they call her Mother of Dragons. And raising three fire spitting beasts is sure more difficult than buy milk and picking up children from sports. Both in professional and private life Daenerys would greatly appreciate this ultimate organization tool.

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